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This research deals with an analysis of forms of participation in a participatory design (PD) process of a software that assesses the sustainability of agricultural cropping systems. We explore the actual forms of participation of designers and users by adapting an Actual Role Analysis in Design approach (Barcellini et al., 2013) to capture the levels of(More)
Seed scientists and decision-makers must evaluate the behaviour of new cultivars. They are thus always seeking improvements in multi-parameter trials. In particular, there is a need for cultivar evaluation tools that include both environmental characterisation of the trials and advanced statistical analysis of genotype by environment interaction. Therefore,(More)
Although many agronomic researchers currently focus on designing and developing decision support systems, they rarely discuss the methodological implications of such work. In this paper, with the examples of two decision support systems, we propose methodological elements for conducting the participatory design of such tools. Our proposition aims at(More)
Agriculture should now provide not only high yields but also sustainable development with a sound management of the diversity of ecosystems. Due to this increased complexity of objectives, models have recently become major tools that can integrate several parameters. Failure to apply models outside research is however a major issue. Here, to identify the(More)
Farmers have been slow to adopt decision support system (DSS) models and their outputs, mainly owing to (i) the complexity of the data involved, which most potential users are unable to collect and process; and (ii) inability to integrate these models into real representations of their informational environments. This situation raises questions about the(More)
<b>Motivation</b> -- Learning from the shared design process of a cognitive tool: how it promotes changes in designers' activities as well as in those of potential users, and how the tool evolves in such a process. <b>Research approach</b> -- Three groups of potential users worked in interaction with agronomist researchers who had designed the tool's(More)
This study aimed to identify and better understand management strategies that help livestock farmers adapt to changes in their production contexts, a fundamental challenge. A total of nine beef-cattle farmers were interviewed three times over 1 year to discuss 13 dimensions of livestock farming (e.g. reproduction, feeding, sales, etc.). Characterisation of(More)
The development of services within industrialized countries results in an increasing number of studies by economists and management science researchers. These researchers describe the service relationship as a co-production of the service and as an exchange of knowledge but do not specify how these processes occur. We studied advisory relationship in the(More)
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