Marianne Cederblad

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This study examined 2 samples of adolescents and mothers using a child-based design (Nonshared Environment in Adolescent Development [NEAD] project, N = 395 families) and a parent-based design (Twin Moms [TM] project, N = 236 twin family pairs) to compare genetic and environmental influences on mothering. For both samples, the same measures of positivity,(More)
This study focuses on young male and female adults (n=290) who were diagnosed with conduct disorder (CD) during adolescence at the inpatient child and adolescent psychiatric unit in Lund, Sweden. Their adulthood is described using seven outcome variables: in custody, crime, illicit drug use, mental health, teenage parenthood, transference income and(More)
Interpersonal relationships are important factors in mental health. A genetically sensitive design was used to examine associations among marital quality, adequacy of social support, and 2 aspects of positive mental health in a sample of 652 Swedish twin women and their families. There were 3 main findings. First, the covariance between relationships and(More)
As most adults will marry at least once during their lifetime, studying marital quality and its predictors is of great importance. The current study addresses (a) the extent of agreement between husbands and wives on their marital quality, (b) genetic and environmental sources of individual differences on spouse reports of marital quality, and (c) the(More)
This study examines Swedish young adults (mean age 21) with a history of conduct disorder (CD) as adolescents. Using medical records, this study explores the relationship between adolescent inpatients and their outcomes in adulthood. Two outcome variables were used: an indication of non-successful outcome variable (seven undesirable outcomes) and sense of(More)
This is the first large epidemiological study of the Sense of Coherence concept carried out in a non-western culture. One adult from each of 456 families living in northern Thailand filled in the Sense of Coherence scale (SOC) and checklists measuring anxiety, depression and self-esteem. The mean value for SOC was comparable with western studies. High SOC(More)
One common assumption in psychology is the impact of parenting and parent-child relationships on the child's adjustment throughout the life span. Studies have indicated that there are genetic influences on memories of parenting, but how these influences are mediated has not typically been investigated. A sample of 150 pairs of monozygotic and 176 pairs of(More)
This article reports results from a long-term follow-up of adolescents with conduct disorder who have been patients at an inpatient child psychiatric unit in Lund, Sweden. Up to now, a total of 186 adolescents have participated in the follow-up study. The subjects are a heavily symptom-loaded group with many problems during their childhood. The study(More)
Although previous research has explored associations between personality and depressive symptoms, a limited number of studies have assessed the extent to which genetic and environmental influences explain the association. This study investigated how temperament and character were associated with depressive symptoms in 131 pairs of twin and sibling women in(More)
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