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Executive Summary In this technology intensive society, most students are required to be proficient in computer skills to compete in today's global job market. These computer skills usually consist of basic to advanced knowledge in word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet applications. In many U.S. states, students are required to demonstrate computer(More)
BACKGROUND Human monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) generated as a result of the immune response are likely to be the most effective therapeutic antibodies, particularly in the case of infectious diseases against which the immune response is protective.Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) is an ubiquitous opportunistic virus that is the most serious pathogenic agent in(More)
Many factors have led to the increase of online courses and programs. The concern for educators is assuring the quality of education programs. Therefore, online delivery must continually ensure not only student success but make certain the student outcomes are at least similar. Since online students do not have the opportunity to engage with a dynamic,(More)
CONSULTING Litigation Acted as consultant and as expert witness on a wide range of cases. Topics include census adjustment (1992 trial), jury (petite and grand) representativeness, racial discrimination in capital sentencing, racial Superior Court and played a major role in designing the method that selects and assigns jurors to court locations. In 2001, I(More)
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