Marianne Bonvin

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In Drosophila melanogaster, widely used mitotic recombination-based strategies generate mosaic flies with positive readout for only one daughter cell after division. To differentially label both daughter cells, we developed the twin spot generator (TSG) technique, which through mitotic recombination generates green and red twin spots that are detectable(More)
Chelonus inanitus (Braconidae) is a solitary egg-larval parasitoid of Spodoptera littoralis (Noctuidae). Along with the egg it also injects polydnaviruses (CiV) and venom, which are prerequisites for successful parasitoid development. CiV protects the parasitoid from encapsulation by the host's immune system and induces a developmental arrest in the(More)
Successful parasitism of some endoparasitic wasps depends on an obligately symbiotic association with polydnaviruses. These unique viruses have a segmented genome consisting of circles of double-stranded (ds) DNA and do not replicate in the parasitized host. They are produced in the wasp's ovary and injected into the host along with the egg. Chelonus(More)
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