Marianna Soroka

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Central nervous system hemangioblastomas (cHAB) are rare tumours which most commonly arise in the cerebellum. Most tumours are sporadic, but as many as one third of cHABs occur in the course of the hereditary disorder - von Hippel-Lindau disease (VHL). In order to diagnose new VHL families in Poland we performed sequencing of the entire VHL gene in archival(More)
Zebra mussels Dreissena polymorpha (Veneroida, Dreissenidae) are known for their invasive behavior. Despite numerous studies dealing with this species, no results of large sequencing projects have been published to date, hampering marker development. In this study, we present a relatively large novel transcriptomic dataset obtained by Illumina MiSeq(More)
Unio tumidus is a native European freshwater mussel from the family Unionidae. These mussels have a unique system of mitochondrial DNA inheritance called doubly uniparental inheritance (DUI). Under DUI, two types of mitochondrial DNA are present: haplotype F (female genome)—inherited from mother and haplotype M (male genome)—inherited from fathers to male(More)
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