Marianna Pizzetti

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The microwave-assisted aminocarbonylation of ynamides at low pressures of CO is reported. A new class of (E)-acrylamides that are potentially suitable for several applications has been regioselectively synthesized after microwave irradiation for only 20 min by using eco-friendly [Fe(3)(CO)(12)] as the catalyst precursor and triethylamine as the ligand. This(More)
In a new version of the Fischer indole synthesis, primary and secondary alcohols have been catalytically oxidized in the presence of phenylhydrazines and protic or Lewis acids to give the corresponding indoles. The overall reaction can be accomplished in one step, and the use of alcohols instead of aldehyes or ketones as starting materials has several(More)
Our study reports the first comprehensive evaluation of HOGA in an Italian family, and is thus intended to alert Italian ophthalmologists and paediatricians to this potentially treatable condition in children with even apparently mild visual disturbances. The typical fundoscopic findings make diagnosis possible. Extensive epidemiological investigations(More)
The authors have studied the antiflogistic properties of a fitotherapic agent used in course of rheumatic and degenerative joint and tendon disease. The control of the therapeutic activity of the agent has been checked out by mean of telethermography. The best results were mainly obtained in cases of osteoarthritis and tendonitis, in which a real reduction(More)
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