Marianna Nardon

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After a study done in order to evaluate the numerical presence and the qualification of women in the research staff of ITC-irst, we organized a mentoring initiative consisting of scientific lectures and mentoring workshops held by experienced international female researchers in the field of computer science, information technology and microelectronics. This(More)
In this paper we introduce the idea of enhancing the audio presentation of a multimedia museum guide by using the PDA screen to travel throughout a fresco and identify the various details in it. During the presentation, a sequence of pictures is synchronized with the audio commentary and the transitions among the pictures are planned according to cinematic(More)
Today, research on i-TV focuses primarily on added services, such as interactive advertising [Lekakos et al., 2001] and alternative program suggestion [Ardissono et al., 2001]. Yet new technological improvements on video-on-demand and the success of streaming technology for video delivery on the web will also make feasible, in the near future, video content(More)
In this paper, we report on a study whose objectives were first to investigate the interaction of children with a multimedia system designed for learning a foreign language and featuring automatic speech recognition functionality. Second, we investigated if, using such a system, users meet some particular difficulties in dealing with the microphone or in(More)
The plethora of content available to TV viewers has become overwhelming creating a need to help the viewers to find the programs that are the most interesting for them to watch. Towards this end we are developing a personalization system that recommends TV shows to users based on the knowledge of their preferences. For a quicker adoption of the(More)
The paper introduces a framework to automatically build hypermedia links from a semantically annotated repository of multimedia data. The system architecture is based on a relational database accessible through XML queries on an HTTP connection. A shallow semantic representation is encoded as a set of key words that correspond to entities in the domain.(More)
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