Marianna Martinucci

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We previously showed that about 80% of breast cancer patients at high risk to carry mutation in BRCA genes presented at least one polymorphism in these genes which resulted potentially harmful by in silico analysis. In the present paper, the genealogic transmission of those polymorphic coding and noncoding variants of BRCA genes in family's members has been(More)
A giant protein called BAP (biofilm-associated protein) plays a role in biofilm formation and adhesion to host cells in A. baumannii. Most of the protein is made by arrays of 80–110 aa modules featuring immunoglobulin-like (Ig-like) motifs. The survey of 541 A. baumannii sequenced strains belonging to 108 STs (sequence types) revealed that BAP is highly(More)
UNLABELLED The Burkholderia cepacia complex (BCC) is a group of closely related species which includes opportunistic pathogens causing chronic respiratory infections in immunocompromised patients, or individuals affected by cystic fibrosis (CF). Other Burkholderia species causing infection in the CF population are Burkholderia gladioli and Burkholderia(More)
Acinetobacter baumannii is a multidrug-resistant pathogen associated with severe infections in hospitalized patients, including pneumonia, urinary and bloodstream infections. Rapid detection of A. baumannii infection is crucial for timely treatment of septicemic patients. The aim of the present study was to develop a specific marker for a quantitative(More)
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