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Translocation of endosomes along microtubules (MTs) from the cell periphery toward the juxtranuclear region proximal to MTOC is well established. During this translocation the radial MT system is believed to retain its organization. Here we demonstrate that epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) endocytosis in HeLa cells is accompanied by dramatic(More)
Endocytosis of signaling receptors, EGF receptor in particular, starting at the plasma membrane and finishing in perinuclear lysosomes entails endosome multiple interactions with homotypic endosomes and vesicles of other origin (lysosomes, trans-Golgi network), which results in changes of endosome size. A distinctive feature of the endocytic pathway is(More)
The idea of microtubules (MTs) as of passive railway tracks, along which transport vesicles travel by use of motor proteins, is widely accepted. In the present work the organization of MT system during EGF-receptor endocytosis was investigated by indirect double immunofluorescence in HeLa and A431 cell lines. Stimulation of cells with EGF resulted in(More)
Acetylation of microtubules (MT) during endocytosis of epidermal growth factor receptor, c-ErbB1, was studied by confocal immunofluorescence microscopy. It was found that stimulation of endocytosis of c-ErbB1 complexed with the epidermal growth factor (EGF), resulted in continuous raising of MT acetylation that reached its maximum at 60-90 min and then went(More)
Disturbances at the childhood age increase risk of appearance of cardiovascular disease decades later. The nature of this interconnection called ontogenetic programming is not completely understood. Valuable source of knowledge about mechanisms of ontogenetic programming are data of interspecies study of biology of the body life cycles understanding on the(More)
One common cause of excessive cardiac loading in children is infectious gastroenteritis that produces malabsorption and tachyarrythmia. Our recent studies have shown that neonatal cryptosporidial gastroenteritis causes the long-term pathology of cardiomyocytes. In the present work, we studied how cryptosporidiosis of different degrees of severity is(More)
Diseases of the human cardiovascular system are the main cause of death in developed countries. Therefore, searching for new risk factors thereof is of particular interest. Upon comparing epidemiological data with data of transcriptome of cardiomyocytes and comparative physiology of vertebrate ontogenesis, we have come to the conclusion that one such factor(More)
Tethering factor EEA1, mediating homotypic fusion of early endosomes, was shown to be localized in membrane-bound state both in serum-deprived and stimulated for EGF receptor endocytosis cells. However, it is not known whether dynamics behavior of EEA1 is affected by EGF stimulation. We investigated EEA1 cytosol-to-membrane exchange rate in interphase HeLa(More)
EGF complexed to fluorescent photostable quantum dots by biotin-streptavidin system (bEGF-savQD) is attractive for both the basic research and therapeutic application such as targeted drug delivery in EGF-receptor (EGFR) expressing cancers. However, compared to native EGF, the large size of QD and its quasi-multivalency can have unpredictable effects on(More)
Hypertonic sucrose and amiloride or derivatives of the latter are commonly used to selectively inhibit clathrin-dependent (usually considered as a synonim of receptor-mediated endocytosis) or clathrin-independent endocytosis. Though these approaches are widely used in experimental practice, their limitations have not been studied in detail. In the present(More)