Marianna I Zakharova

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The photochromic, thermochromic and metallochromic behaviour of a series of three spiro[indoline-8-(benzothiazol-2-yl)-benzopyrans] has been investigated. The thermodynamic and kinetic parameters of their thermal equilibrium between the ring-closed (spiro) and ring-opened (merocyanine) isomeric forms have been determined using UV-Vis absorption and (1)H NMR(More)
Anthrax belongs to highly dangerous infections of man and animals. No effective treatment methods for pulmonary types of the disease have been yet developed. The existing anthrax vaccines were designed decades ago and need improvement to fit the large-scale vaccination of population. At the same time, the immunological properties of the anthrax vaccine main(More)
There are an increased spontaneous platelet aggregation and decreased ADP-induced platelet aggregation in old-aged people with diabetes I than in healthy subjects. In diabetes II the ADP-induced platelet aggregation was increased. In diabetes I and II intravascular coagulation strengthens, while in II type diabetes these changes are less, than in type I. It(More)
We and other authors have recently shown that the pattern of the immune response to components of anthrax, the Bacillus anthracis lethal toxin, is complex. In addition to neutralizing antibodies, the antitoxin antibody pool contains antibodies enhancing the toxin lethal action. We mapped the epitopes in the protective antigen that are responsible for the(More)
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