Marianna Giannoulaki

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A number of scientific papers in the last few years singled out the influence of environmental conditions on the spatial distribution of fish species, highlighting the need for the fisheries scientific community to investigate, besides biomass estimates, also the habitat selection of commercially important fish species. The Mediterranean Sea, although(More)
Geostatistical techniques were applied and a series of spatial indicators were calculated (occupation, aggregation, location, dispersion, spatial autocorrelation and overlap) to characterize the spatial distributions of European anchovy and sardine during summer. Two ecosystems were compared for this purpose, both located in the Mediterranean Sea: the(More)
We combined generalised additive models and GIS to model and map anchovy potential spawning habitat using anchovy egg and adult presence/absence data from the North Aegean Sea along with in situ environmental information, collected during the beginning / peak of the spawning period. First, we compared the spawning habitat models constructed using different(More)
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