Marianna Coppola

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE To evaluate the effect of adjuvant chemotherapy (ACT) in locally advanced rectal cancer (LARC) after neoadjuvant chemoradiation (NACT-RT). The study was funded by the Italian National Research Council (CNR). METHODS From September 1992 to January 2001, 655 patients with LARC (clinically T3-4, any N) treated with NACT-RT and surgery,(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated the mean value and the variability range of the tracheal bifurcation angle by patient gender, age, height, weight, build, body area and max transverse diameter of the chest under normal conditions. We also evaluated tracheal bifurcation angle changes in orthostatism and recumbency, as well as in the different respiratory phases.(More)
This paper describes the radiological and clinical findings identified in a group of patients with H1N1 influenza. Between May and mid-November 2009, 3,649 patients with suspected H1N1 influenza presented to our hospital. Our study population comprised 167 (91 male, 76 female patients, age range 11 months to 82 years; mean age 29 years) out of 1,896(More)
The Valtrac biofragmentable anastomotic ring (V-BAR) technique has been widely used in clinical practice, particularly in anastomoses of the colon. The success of this method encouraged some surgeons to use it also in anastomosis of the small intestine. We are convinced that the method can be used successfully also in anastomosis of the small intestine and(More)
PURPOSE To assess the role and the diagnostic yield of CT and of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) in the study of emergency pancreatic injuries from blunt abdominal trauma. MATERIAL AND METHODS January, 1992, to December, 1996, eleven subjects with pancreatic trauma were operated on. The patients were 8 men and 3 women (mean age: 28.4(More)
BACKGROUND Biliopancreatic diversion (BPD) by Scopinaro's method is an operation advocated by some surgeons as an effective treatment for morbid obesity. METHODS Between February 1995 and April 1997 we performed BPD by Scopinaro's method on 50 patients with morbid obesity (23 males), average age 41.4 years (range 20-63 years), average body weight 135.08(More)
BACKGROUND Besides weight loss Scopinaro's operation produces correction of hypercholesterolemia and noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitus in all patients who suffer from these conditions. These results encouraged us to perform biliopancreatic diversion (BPD) without gastric resection, thus preserving the functions of the stomach and pylorus in moderately(More)
Tele-mentoring is an interactive experimental method that allows young surgeons' education by distant learning tutoring of an expert surgeon. The problem about assessment of efficacy and quality of computer-assisted instruction is under evaluation today. Tele-mentoring is supported by videoconferencing system and it is not an exclusive methodology but an(More)
PURPOSE We investigated the frequency, clinical features, diagnostic course and therapy of congenital and acquired seminal vesicle cysts. MATERIAL AND METHODS Seven vesicular cysts were found in adult subjects in 1995-1996. All diagnoses were made with suprapubic and transrectal US, CT and MRI. Vesiculo-deferentography was never used for diagnosis.(More)
BACKGROUND Patients undergoing biliopancreatic diversion (BPD) may develop gastric ulcers, particularly within the first postoperative year. The prophylactic use of antisecretory compounds at the usual therapeutic doses, mainly conventional H2-receptor antagonists such as ranitidine, may reduce the incidence of this complication, which occurs in(More)