Mariann Wall

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Amyloid-beta(Abeta) aggregation is a major hallmark of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Previous studies have suggested that only unbound Abeta can take part in the aggregation process. Therefore, endogenous Abeta-binding proteins may have an important role in preventing AD. Here, we analyzed cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples from 35 subjects with AD, 18 subjects(More)
A newborn male with partial trisomy for the distal part of the long arm of chromosome 14 (14q24 leads to qter) is described. The anomaly arose as an adjacent 1 meiotic segregation product from a balanced translocation t(11;14) (q25;q24) in the mother (figure). To our knowledge only one previous case involving the same segment has been reported. The(More)
OBJECTIVES The purposes of this study were to establish new reference ranges for leukocytes in the CSF and to examine if the separation of mononuclear cells into lymphocytes and monocytes could be used to differentiate between various CNS infections that present with a similar picture in manual CSF cell counts. DESIGN AND METHODS The automated cell(More)
Bacteriological results from microscopic and cultural examinations of morning and 24 h sputum were compared in an attempt to optimize the diagnosis of bacterial exacerbations of chronic bronchitis. Twelve patients collected sputum randomly on two consecutive days, either fresh morning sputum (3 h sputum) first, followed by 24 h sputum or vice-versa. Sputa(More)
Cytological examination of cerebrospinal fluid can provide vital diagnostic information, particularly in inflammatory and neoplastic disorders of the nervous system. Not only can the cause of a pleocytosis be established but cytological abnormalities can also be detected in cases where the cell count is normal. Monoclonal antibodies can be used for the(More)
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