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There are 34 family planning counselors operating in 15 family planning centers in French speaking Switzerland. The role of the counselor has changed greatly during the years; from simply imparting information on contraception, the counselor is now in charge of teenage sexual education, and in charge of evaluating demands of pregnancy termination. (More)
We explore the relative productivities and wages of worker groups over a 20 year period following the transition in Hungary. Due to the economic transition, firms may have become more efficient in terms of setting wages, relative productivities and wages would converge over time. The linked employer-employee dataset allows us to control for selection bias(More)
The number of paragliding accidents is growing up exponentially. We review in this study 39 paragliding accidents which occurred 1985-1987 in the Val d'Illiez (Switzerland). The REGA (Swiss air ambulance) rescued 1987 61 pilots, which are also included. Most of the accidents were related to a mistake of the pilot. None is due to a failure of the material.(More)
A sudden change in meteorological conditions provoked frostbite in 88 competitors in a high mountain race, 31 lesions being of 1st degree, 38 of superficial 2nd degree, 12 of deep 2nd degree and 7 of 3rd degree severity. Etiology, localization, treatment and outcome of the lesions are discussed. The precise knowledge of weather conditions and position of(More)
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