Mariangela Cataldo

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Some species of Candida are opportunistic pathogens that can cause disease in a host immunocompromised by underlying local or systemic pathological processes. C. albicans is the species most often associated with oral lesions, but other species of Candida, including C. glabrata, C. tropicalis and C. parapsilosis, have also been isolated in the saliva of(More)
The study here described is currently being conducted by a European research team (Department of Animal Health and Welfare, Univ. of Bari, Italy; CEFAS Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK; IEO Malaga, Spain; Department of Zoology – Marine Biology, Univ. of Athens, Greece; Planetek Italia, Bari, Italy), in the framework of the European Community project “Study of Eastern(More)
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