Mariane Krause

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A home visit intervention program for adolescents throughout their pregnancy and during the early stages of motherhood was evaluated. The participants (N = 90) were part of a larger group of adolescents treated in two health centers in a poor neighborhood in Santiago, Chile. The program was carried out by volunteer community health monitors and evaluated(More)
A Participant Action Research process was carried out with individuals affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease, more specifically Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. The results show evidence of a transformation of social representations of disease. 'Normalization' is the central component of the transformation, indicating the achievement of a more(More)
This investigation was directed at evaluating nine cognitive ability tasks for repeated measures applications and inclusion in the Performance Evaluation Tests for Environmental Research (PETER) battery. In the first study, five tasks from the Moran Battery, which were adapted from the French kit of factor-referenced tests, were administered to 18 subjects(More)
Drawing on the speech acts theory, a linguistic pattern was identified that could be expected to be associated to therapeutic change, characterized by being uttered in the first person singular and present indicative, and by being self-referential in its propositional content. The frequency of the pattern was examined among verbalizations defined as change(More)
A non-experimental, cross-sectional study was performed. A group of 96 pregnant Chilean women with low income and depression were contacted through Public Health Centers. The association between depressive symptoms (BDI Z10) and other variables was analyzed. Low social support satisfaction (SSQ-6), high scores for negative orientation towards problems,(More)
OBJECTIVE The purposes of this article were to compare the characteristics of the vocal quality of therapists and patients in change and stuck episodes, and to depict patient-therapist interaction sequences of vocal properties, in order to analyze micro-regulatory processes within the psychotherapeutic interaction. METHOD Application of the Vocal Quality(More)
As described by many theorists, emotional expressions contribute to the activation and regulation of personal emotional experiences and communicate something about internal states and intentions. These emotional expressions can be observed in the words used in our speech and nonverbal behaviors, even when nonverbal behaviors are synchronized to one's own(More)
The therapeutic alliance is considered the most robust process variable associated with positive therapeutic outcome in a variety of psychotherapeutic models [Alexander, L. B., & Luborsky, L. (1986). The Penn Helping Alliance Scales. In L. S. Greenberg & W. M. Pinsoff (Eds.), The psychotherapeutic process: A research handbook (pp. 325-356). New York:(More)
Methods are needed for creating models to characterize verbal communication between therapists and their patients that are suitable for teaching purposes without losing analytical potential. A technique meeting these twin requirements is proposed that uses decision trees to identify both change and stuck episodes in therapist-patient communication. Three(More)
OBJECTIVES This paper analyzes the relationship between ongoing change and final outcome in therapies carried out in natural settings with 39 clients. METHOD Ongoing change was assessed through generic change indicators (GCIs), an observational method designed to label the content of change moments by selecting one specific GCI from the sequence of 19(More)