Mariane Fahlman

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A method for arterial tree mapping that can be used in cadaver soft tissue is presented. In situ angiograms and photographs are supplemented with profile angiograms of relatively narrow bands of tissue from the removed specimen. The described method was better suited for mapping the course and supply patterns of a soft-tissue arterial network than either in(More)
The homeostatic mechanisms which control B lymphocyte renewal in the bone marrow are unknown. Mouse bone marrow produces many small lymphocytes which develop surface IgM and other B lymphocyte properties. Putative precursors show cytoplasmic mu chains but earlier progenitors have been characterized. Some marrow small lymphocytes are long-lived recirculating(More)
<lb>THE MODULATION OF MUCOSAL IMMUNE MARKERS, URS, AND<lb>PSYCHOLOGICAL PARAMETERS FOLLOWING ACUTE AND CHRONIC<lb>EXERCISE<lb>by<lb>CAROLE ANN SLOAN<lb>August 2014<lb>Advisor: Dr. Hermann-J. Engels<lb>Major: Exercise and Sport Science<lb>Degree: Doctor of Philosophy<lb>The purpose of this dissertation was to evaluate changes in two antimicrobial(More)
A system of roentgen stereophotogrammetric analysis (RSA) has been developed and its value in studies of cranial growth in both man and the experimental animal (rabbit) has been delineated. This method is based on measurements from metal bone marker images on roentgenograms. Two roentgen tubes simultaneously expose the object, which is placed in one of two(More)
The postnatal development of the cranial vault is reviewed with special emphasis upon the rabbit in respect to longitudinal, volumetric, and kinematic growth. Also, the calvarial growth relative to long bone growth is discussed. The cranial vault suture is a multifunctional syndesmosis with variable structure and a rich variability of local behavior.
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