Mariana Volpato Junqueira

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Antibiotic-resistant microorganisms have become a global concern, and the search for alternative therapies is very important. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) consists of the use of a nontoxic photosensitizer (PS), light, and oxygen. This combination produces reactive oxygen species and singlet oxygen, which can alter cellular structures. Methylene blue (MB) is a(More)
Considering the antioxidant activity of the Trichilia catigua extract (TCE), the aim of the current study was to develop and characterize W/O/W multiple emulsions containing different vegetable oils as a platform to deliver a TCE. The extract displayed antioxidant activity (IC50) of 4.59 µg/mL and total phenol content (TPC) of 50.84%. Formulations were(More)
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) with methylene blue (MB) constitutes a potentially useful modality for colorectal cancer treatment. The limitations of the formulations containing MB are problems of administration and the inability to get the closeness contact at the site during the appropriate residence time. Present study aimed to develop and characterize(More)
The development of binary polymeric mixtures (polymer blends) containing bioadhesive and thermoresponsive polymers can provide new materials for biomedical applications, with higher contact, increased adhesion, prolonged residence time, protection, and in determined cases, secured absorption of an active agent from the site of application. Mixtures were(More)
Polycarbophil is widely used in a variety of pharmaceutical formulations, mainly for their strong ability to adhere to the epithelial and mucous barriers (bio/mucoadhesion). On the other hand, its association with the thermoresponsive polymer (poloxamer 407) has been poorly explored. This work investigates the rheological, mechanical and mucoadhesive(More)
BACKGROUND In recent decades, the development of the environmentally responsive systems for drug delivery has been well regarded, with enormous potential in different applications. METHODS These "environmentally sensitive", "smart", "intelligent" formulations have the ability to alter their physical properties in response to small changes in physical or(More)
BACKGROUND Methylene blue (MB) is a photosensitizer used in photodynamic therapy (PDT) to treat colorectal cancer tumors and leishmaniasis infection. The clinical efficacy of PDT using MB is dependent on the physicochemical characteristics of the formulation. Bioadhesive thermoresponsive systems containing poloxamer 407 and Carbopol 934P have been proposed(More)
Hypericin (Hyp) is a natural photoactive pigment utilized in the treatment of different types of cancer and antimicrobial inactivation using photodynamic therapy (PDT). Hyp is poorly soluble in water leading to problems of administration, getting close contact with the site, and bio-availability. Therefore, this study aimed to develop bioadhesive(More)
This study describes the investigation about the physicochemical behavior of methylene blue (Mb) addition to systems containing poloxamer 407 (Polox), Carbopol 934P (Carb), intended to be locally used by photodynamic therapy. A factorial design 23 (plus center point) was used to analyze the rheological, mucoadhesive and textural properties of the(More)
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