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Jurisdiction and Scale: Legal `Technicalities' as Resources for Theory
Since the 1980s, critical studies of law and space have fruitfully explored the insight that law's mechanisms can be understood in part as mapping exercises. Existing work on law's scales (especiallyExpand
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Questions of security: A framework for research
Scholars have noted that we are increasingly being governed in the name of security, in literature that usually treats security as an entity in need of a theory. This article begins by noting thatExpand
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Governed By Law?
Another consequence of this development of bio-power was the growing importance assumed by the action of the norm at the expense of the juridical system of the law... I do not mean to say that theExpand
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Law's Dream of a Common Knowledge
If knowledge is power, then the power of law can be studied through the lens of knowledge. This book opens up a substantive new area of legal research--knowledge production--and presents a series ofExpand
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Seeing Like a City: The Dialectic of Modern and Premodern Ways of Seeing in Urban Governance
Studies of urban governance, as well as the overlapping literature on law and space, have been heavily influenced by critical analyses of how spatial techniques helped constitute modern disciplinaryExpand
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‘Despotism’ and ethical liberal governance
Recent Foucaulation theorizations of liberal practies of self, while innovatove iv avoiding ontological presuppostions either about individuals or about collectivities, run the danger of ontologizingExpand
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Pleasure, Freedom and Drugs
The article explores the ways in which discourses of pleasure are deployed strategically in official commentaries on drug and alcohol consumption. Pleasure as a warrantable motive for, or descriptorExpand
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Taking 'land use' seriously: toward an ontology of municipal law
Municipal and quasi-municipal authorities have regulated activities and persons by exercising control over access to and use of spaces and municipal regulations targeting spaces but acting on groupsExpand
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Maidens at risk: 'date rape drugs' and the formation of hybrid risk knowledges
The ill-defined set of substances and behaviours collected under the name 'date rape drugs' present an opportunity to rethink risk management and the ways in which risk is studied in governmentalityExpand
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`One Day at a Time' and other Slogans for Everyday Life: The Ethical Practices of Alcoholics Anonymous
Alcoholics Anonymous has developed an oral tradition for teaching people to alter their relation to their own desires and their own freedom fundamentally, teaching that is done through practiceExpand
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