Mariana R.G.A. Santos

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OBJECTIVES The clinical significance of ischemia/reperfusion of the lower extremities demands further investigation to enable the development of more effective therapeutic alternatives. This study investigated the changes in the vascular reactivity of the rabbit femoral artery and nitric oxide metabolites under partial ischemia/ reperfusion conditions(More)
OBJECTIVES To test the hypothesis that first alcohol use during childhood is associated with heavy drinking patterns during adolescence and with parental drinking patterns and parental rules about alcohol consumption. STUDY DESIGN A national cross-sectional survey of 17,371 high-school students. Students were drawn from 789 public and private schools in(More)
BACKGROUND Drinking before entering nightclubs (predrinking) seems to be associated with an increase in alcohol-related harm. This study aims to investigate gender differences in predrinking behavior and to evaluate its association with risk behaviors practiced inside nightclubs. METHODS Individual-level data were collected by a portal survey of 2,422(More)
AIMS The aim of the study was to describe the phenomenon of pre-drinking (alcohol consumption before entering nightclubs or bars) and to identify factors associated with pre-drinking practices among patrons in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. METHODS Individual-level data were collected by a portal survey of 2422 patrons at the entrance and at the exit of(More)
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