Mariana Pospisilova

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Although rehabilitative training is a necessary adjunct in the management of gait ataxia, it remains unknown whether the possible beneficial effect of intensive coordinative training may translate to activities of daily living, which are closely connected with postural alignment. The aim of the present study was to examine the effectiveness of a 2-week(More)
The authors describe combinations of anaesthesiological methods which enabled them during extensive spondylosurgical operations in 66 patients to reduce the consumption of homologous blood during operation to 90 ml, on the first day after operation to 300 ml and on the second day after operation to 120 ml. In six patients they used preoperative collection(More)
BACKGROUND Controlled hypotension is an advantage during spondylosurgical operations: the objective is to achieve a mean arteriae pressure of 8 kPa (60 mm Hg). The most frequently used 0.01% solution of sodium nitroprusside must be increased in some patients to amounts which involve the risk of intoxication. This applies to patients with an increased(More)
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