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Qualitative evaluation of physical effort in bass drum pedal drive by thermography
The bass drum is driven by a pedal that promotes muscle fatigue and can cause injuries. In order to provide engineers with valuable tools, this research aimed at analyzing the use of the drum pedalExpand
The dimensions of sustainability: concepts and strategies in the textile and clothing supply chain in Brazil.
Currently, one of the biggest sectors in the market is the fashion industry. This is due not only to the high volume of sales and quick succession of trends, but also to the number of people andExpand
Design and territory: laser cutting/engraving applied in the manufacture of products for the promotion of the "Pedra Grande" archeological site, RS, Brazil
The pursuit for knowing the peculiarities of each country or region takes millions of people to embark on journeys to various destinations. Expand
Production, characterization and application of nanotechnology-based vegetable multi-component theospheres in nonwovens: A women's intimate hygiene approach
The main objective of this work was to develop a nanotechnology-based component containing substances of vegetable origin, such as butters and essential oils, whose properties may help balance theExpand