Mariana Martin

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The motive to attain a distinctive identity is sometimes thought to be stronger in, or even specific to, those socialized into individualistic cultures. Using data from 4,751 participants in 21 cultural groups (18 nations and 3 regions), we tested this prediction against our alternative view that culture would moderate the ways in which people achieve(More)
Thermosensors are ubiquitous integral membrane proteins found in all kinds of life. They are involved in many physiological roles, including membrane remodeling, chemotaxis, touch, and pain [1-3], but, the mechanism by which their transmembrane (TM) domains transmit temperature signals is largely unknown. The histidine kinase DesK from Bacillus subtilis is(More)
Recent findings demonstrate that alkaline/neutral invertases (A/N-Invs), enzymes that catalyze the breakdown of sucrose into glucose and fructose, are essential proteins in plant life. The fact that different isoforms are present in multiple locations makes them candidates for the coordination of metabolic processes. In the present study, we functionally(More)
Several theories propose that self-esteem, or positive self-regard, results from fulfilling the value priorities of one's surrounding culture. Yet, surprisingly little evidence exists for this assertion, and theories differ about whether individuals must personally endorse the value priorities involved. We compared the influence of four bases for(More)
Higher plants and cyanobacteria metabolize sucrose (Suc) by a similar set of enzymes. Suc synthase (SuS, A/UDP-glucose: d-fructose 2-α-d-glucosyl transferase) catalyzes a reversible reaction. However, it is in the cleavage of Suc that this enzyme plays an important role in vivo, providing sugar nucleotides for polysaccharide biosynthesis. In cyanobacteria,(More)
Variations in acquiescence and extremity pose substantial threats to the validity of cross-cultural research that relies on survey methods. Individual and cultural correlates of response styles when using 2 contrasting types of response mode were investigated, drawing on data from 55 cultural groups across 33 nations. Using 7 dimensions of self-other(More)
Markus and Kitayama's (1991) theory of independent and interdependent self-construals had a major influence on social, personality, and developmental psychology by highlighting the role of culture in psychological processes. However, research has relied excessively on contrasts between North American and East Asian samples, and commonly used self-report(More)
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