Mariana González Hernández

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Ebola and marburgviruses, members of the family Filoviridae, can cause severe hemorrhagic fever in humans. The ongoing Ebola virus (EBOV) disease epidemic in Western Africa claimed more than 11,300 lives and was associated with secondary cases outside Africa, demonstrating that filoviruses pose a global health threat. Bats constitute an important natural(More)
PURPOSE To propose a classification of glaucoma visual fields based on affected ganglion cells axons on their way through the optic nerve head. MATERIAL AND METHOD 255 Octopus 1-2-3 visual fields from glaucoma patients and glaucoma suspected patients were analyzed. Determination coefficients (r(2)) between the 10 points closest to the blind spot and the(More)
PURPOSE To provide a useful tool in the diagnosis of glaucoma by developing an automatic system for visual field classification based on neuro-fuzzy rules. METHOD A total of 212 visual fields (OCTOPUS 123 program G1X), from 198 patients, were analysed: 61 normal (controls) and 151 with glaucomatous damage (49% with incipient damage, 29.1% with moderate(More)
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