Mariana Fitarelli-Kiehl

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A few studies have reported phyllodes tumors (PT) of the breast with germline TP53 mutations. Given this potential association and the high frequency of the TP53 p.R337H in southern and southeastern Brazil, the aim of this study was to assess whether p.R337H occurs among women diagnosed with such rare tumors in this region. Benign, borderline, and malignant(More)
PURPOSE Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease. Immunohistochemistry has given rise to triple-negative carcinoma (TNC). Concomitantly, biological origins of neoplasia and its heterogeneity has been strongly debated in cancer stem cells (CSC) theme. This study investigates the prevalence of basal (BCC) and penta-negative carcinomas (5NC) in TNC and(More)
Germline mutations in the TP53 gene are associated with Li-Fraumeni and Li-Fraumeni-Like Syndromes, characterized by increased predisposition to early-onset cancers. In Brazil, the prevalence of the TP53-p.R337H germline mutation is exceedingly high in the general population and in cancer-affected patients, probably as result of a founder effect. Several(More)
Germline TP53 mutations are associated with Li–Fraumeni syndrome, an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by a predisposition to multiple early-onset cancers including breast cancer (BC), the most prevalent tumor among women. The majority of germline TP53 mutations are clustered within the DNA-binding domain of the gene, disrupting the structure and(More)
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