Mariana Esther Martinez-Sanchez

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CD4+ T cells orchestrate the adaptive immune response in vertebrates. While both experimental and modeling work has been conducted to understand the molecular genetic mechanisms involved in CD4+ T cell responses and fate attainment, the dynamic role of intrinsic (produced by CD4+ T lymphocytes) versus extrinsic (produced by other cells) components remains(More)
This Article contains typographical errors. In the methods section under subheading 'Boolean networks', " In Boolean networks, variables can only take one of two possible values, 0 or 1, and their dynamics is described by + = … x t f x t x t (1) ((), ()), (1) i n 1 1 where x i (t + 1) represents the value of variable i at the time t + 1 as a Boolean(More)
Obesity is frequently linked to insulin resistance, high insulin levels, chronic inflammation, and alterations in the behaviour of CD4+ T cells. Despite the biomedical importance of this condition, the system-level mechanisms that alter CD4+ T cell differentiation and plasticity are not well understood. We model how hyperinsulinemia alters the dynamics of(More)
Molecular regulation was initially assumed to follow both a unidirectional and a hierarchical organization forming pathways. Regulatory processes, however, form highly interlinked networks with non-hierarchical and non-unidirectional structures that contain statistically overrepresented circuits or motifs. Here, we analyze the behavior of pathways(More)
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