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Relationship between hyperfibrinogenemia (HF), oxidative stress, and atherogenesis was established. Effect of atorvastatin (Ator) was assessed. Wistar male (6 months) rats were studied: Ctr, control, without HF induction; Ctr-Ator, without HF treated with atorvastatin; AI, atherogenesis induced, and AI-Ator, atherogenesis induced and treated with(More)
UNLABELLED In March 2009, there was an outbreak of respiratory illness, later identified as caused by Influenza A (H1N1); the affected patients can develop severe lower respiratory infections. OBJECTIVE To describe the characteristics of 14 patients admitted to Hospital Córdoba diagnosed with H1N1 Influenza-associated pneumonia during July and August of(More)
The oxidative process in atherogenesis generated by proinflammatory induction and response to antioxidants vitamins in an experimental model were analyzed. METHODS Male rats were used: (A)Control, (B)Control+vitamin E plus C, (C)Hyperfibrinogenemia and (D)Hyperfibrinogenemia+vitamins E plus C. Hyperfibrinogenemia induced by daily injection of adrenaline(More)
INTRODUCTION We studied plasmatic TNF-alpha, nitric oxide (NO) and citrulline behaviors and probable morphological mitochondrial alterations in aortic smooth muscle cells, in rats with atherogenesis induced by hyperfibrinogenemia in: A) control, B) multiple injured for 30 days and C) multiple injured for 60 days. MATERIAL AND METHODS Hyperfibrinogenemia(More)
The influence of quantum effects on the processes of initiation of combustion and detonation of hydrogen and acetylene near the low-temperature limits at elevated pressures is analyzed. A theoretical consideration which allows quantification of the quantum corrections to the rate constants of endothermic reactions associated with an increase in the(More)
Background: Surveillance of the canine reservoir is highly important to help control of visceral leishmaniasis in human. It is therefore imperative to improve and develop new tools reliable, easy to use, and cheap for the diagnosis of canine leishmaniasis. K39 sub recombinant antigen of Leishmania infantum was expressed in prokaryotic system and evaluated(More)
In an experimental model of atherogenesis induced by hyperfibrinogenemia (HF), the pharmacological response of vitamin E was studied in order to assess its antioxidant effect on the mitochondrial morphofunctional alterations in aortic smooth muscle cells. Three groups of male rats were used: (Ctr) control, (AI) atherogenesis induced for 120 days, and (AIE)(More)
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