Mariana Correa Rossi

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Synapsin I is a synaptic vesicle-specific phosphoprotein composed of a globular and hydrophobic head and of a proline-rich, elongated and basic tail. Synapsin I binds with high affinity to phospholipid and protein components of synaptic vesicles. The head region of the protein has a very high surface activity, strongly interacts with acidic phospholipids(More)
Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs), glycoproteins secreted by some cells, are members of the TGF-β superfamily that have been implicated in a wide variety of roles. Currently, about 20 different BMPs have been identified and grouped into subfamilies, according to similarities with respect to their amino acid sequences. It has been shown that BMPs are(More)
Significant health concerns have been raised by the high levels of Cr and Co ions into whole blood as resulted of corrosion process released from biomedical implants, but very little is known about their biological behavior in governing cell metabolism. Thus, we prompted to address this issue by exploring the effects of CoCr enriched medium on both(More)
It is important to understand the cellular and molecular events that occur at the cell-material interface of implants used for bone repair. The mechanisms involved in the initial stages of osteoblast interactions with the surface of the implant material must be decisive for cell fating surrounding them. In order to address this issue, we decided to(More)
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