Mariana Cohen

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Relations between attachment and child emotional and behavioral regulation were studied longitudinally in a sample of 223 children from urban, low-income families. Attachment in the Strange Situation at 12 and 18 months was scored using the infant classification system and at 24 months was scored using a preschool classification system. Only modest(More)
The authors studied 46 patients with the operationally defined syndrome of postpsychotic depression following episodes of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. Half of these patients were also found to satisfy criteria for negative symptoms. The patients with negative symptoms were rated as more severely ill on global measures, but there was only(More)
  • M Cohen
  • 1988
The Revised Conners Teacher Rating Scale was completed as part of a comprehensive evaluation of 135 consecutive new patients seen in the Pediatric Neurology Learning Disability Clinic at the Medical College of Georgia. The questionnaires were subjected to principal components analysis with varimax rotation. Item analysis was conducted on the obtained(More)
Four cases are described of prepubertal boys in whom the convergence of neurodevelopmental disorder, viral infection and psychosis seemed more than coincidental. Review of the literature highlights the possibility that viral infection of the central nervous system may play a contributory role in childhood psychosis. Whilst it is essential to avoid a(More)
Subdural empyema is in itself an uncommon complication of infection in childhood and localization of the infection to the parafalcine area is rare. This paper presents a case study of a teenager with subdural empyema resulting from paranasal sinusitis, who presented as a parafalcine syndrome and was treated successfully without neurosurgical intervention.(More)
Serum carnosinase deficiency (McKusick 21220) is a rare condition, described in 13 cases. Ten additional individuals with serum carnosinase deficiency have been identified. All continued to excrete increased amounts of carnosine in their urine despite a meat-free diet for 3 days. Serum carnosinase activity ranged from 0-30% of normal. In four individuals a(More)
Schizophrenia patients in positive symptomatic remission (PSR; n=39) were assessed using a longitudinal research design. The patients were found to exhibit widespread cognitive impairments that were stable over the three-year follow-up period. The findings support a generalized and stable cognitive impairment profile among schizophrenia patients in partial(More)
The parents of children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) were examined for characteristics symptomatic of 2 comorbidities (Co) within their offspring with ADHD: Tourette syndrome (TS) and language-based learning disabilities (LD). A 2 x 2 multivariate analysis of variance design was used; the parents were divided according to(More)