Mariana Cabral Schveitzer

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This study aims to characterize the scientific production of the Research Groups in Nursing Education (RGNE) of the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, in Brazil. This is a documentary quantitative descriptive retrospective research, conducted by searching the CVs of all researchers who are part of the RGNEs in the Lattes database, followed by the(More)
OBJECTIVE to identify values which structure and guide nursing as social practice. METHOD qualitative meta-synthesis. RESULTS three concepts were identified: The tension between technique, organization and ethics in the nurse's practice; Historical carry-overs of the values which run through nursing practice; Attention to ethics, to reform of the health(More)
OBJECTIVES to identify nursing challenges for universal health coverage, based on the findings of a systematic review focused on the health workforce' understanding of the role of humanization practices in Primary Health Care. METHOD systematic review and meta-synthesis, from the following information sources: PubMed, CINAHL, Scielo, Web of Science,(More)
Objective To identify the understanding of the healthcare professionals in relation to the role of complementary therapies in primary health care. Method Systematic review by way of the following information sources: PubMed, CINAHL, PeriEnf, AMED, EMBASE, Web of Science, Psicoinfo and Psicodoc, using the keyword Primary Health Care alone, and associated(More)
The Mercosul, established with the objective of integrate economics, political, social and cultural differences among member countries, currently is highlighted by its strategies of educational framework. This article discusses the movement on the academic background of the Nursing career and the history of educational integration, presenting the(More)
This is a qualitative, descriptive, exploratory and analytical research, with documentary basis. The objective was to characterize and analyze teaching trends found in scientific articles related to the topic Education in Nursing, captured from the publication of the researchers of Research Groups in Nursing Education of the State of São Paulo from 2004 to(More)
This study aimed to identify themes of research areas and scientific literature of Research Groups in Nursing Education (GPEE in Portuguese) of the North, Northeast and Midwest regions of Brazil. This is a descriptive and exploratory study. It was identified 12 GPEE, 45 fields of research and 448 scientific papers, of which 60% have appeared in magazines(More)
Education is a political process, in which the society operates consistently on the development of the individual, aiming to integrate it into the way of living being. The present work represents a theoretical refection, from a parallel between the guidelines of the National Politics in Continuing Education in Health and the principles of the Complex(More)
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