Mariana C. Gadaleta

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We report that NTRK2, the gene encoding for the TrkB receptor, can regulate APP metabolism, specifically AICD levels. Using the human neuroblastoma cell line SH-SY5Y, we characterized the effect of three TrkB isoforms (FL, SHC, T) on APP metabolism by knockdown and overexpression. We found that TrkB FL increases AICD-mediated transcription and APP levels(More)
Genomic instability associated with DNA replication stress is linked to cancer and genetic pathologies in humans. If not properly regulated, replication stress, such as fork stalling and collapse, can be induced at natural replication impediments present throughout the genome. The fork protection complex (FPC) is thought to play a critical role in(More)
The DNA replication machinery encounters problems at numerous genomic regions that are inherently difficult to replicate. These genomic regions include telomeres, which contain repetitive DNA and telomere-binding proteins. If not properly regulated, replication of such genomic regions can result in DNA damage, leading to genomic instability. Studies(More)
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