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The present study investigated the antibacterial activity of two plant-derived compounds, 23-methyl-6-O-desmethylauricepyrone (1) and (Z,Z)-5-(trideca-4,7-dienyl)resorcinol (2), and their synergistic(More)
Antibacterial activity of Lithrea molleoides extract against Proteus mirabilis has been previously reported by our group. In the present study, the compound (Z,Z)-5-(trideca-4',7'-dienyl)-resorcinol(More)
This work examines the antitumor activity of an isomeric mixture (1), composed of the limonoids meliartenin and its interchangeable isomer 12-hydroxyamoorastatin. The results obtained showed that 1(More)
Plants are a significant reservoir of cytotoxic agents, including compounds with the ability to interfere with multidrug-resistant (MDR) cells. With the aim of finding promising candidates for(More)