Mariana Bazavan

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The Health Management Information System (HMIS) project initiated by the Romanian Ministry of Health as a component of the healthcare reform is aiming to ensure the technical, functional and operative support for: (i) a better overview of the population health status, of the medical care needs and of the Health System performances; (ii) the improvement of(More)
The quality of the Healthcare Information System (HIS) product refers three major aspects: technical, use and organisational quality. The product quality is the result of the development process and from this perspective it must be considered from the early stages including terms of reference definition and procurement of goods and services. The issues(More)
OBJECTIVES The paper aimed to present and analyze the development of Healthcare Information Systems in Romania during the last decade. The first part was dedicated to the analysis of a large national project, HMIS--Healthcare Management Information System, and the second to the current state of the hospital information systems and primary care systems. (More)
An overview of the Romanian health information system development at a national scale is presented. A critical analysis of anterior phases tries to explain some of the differences between the expected results and real achievements. A set of principles for the "updated" strategy is proposed and each of them is associate a comment supporting its importance(More)
The Tempus CME project "Regional Network for Healthcare Management" was aiming to perform a feasibility study for a communication network dedicated to the healthcare field. The needs assessment survey as well as the debates during the working sessions and during the conference on how communication can support a better healthcare delivery, substantiated the(More)
This paper tries to synthesize the discussion of a seminar on medical informatics educational tasks held in May 1998 in Sinaia, Romania, within the frame of the Tempus-Phare Project CME-02555-96 entitled "Know How Transfer from University to Industry" and coordinated by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara, Romania. Special emphasis was paid to(More)
The paper presents the starting premise and the general frame of the Tempus Project CME-02555-96, entitled "Know How Transfer form University to Industry". It is intended to be a study for establishing a frame and methods for communication between academic, scientific and research bodies and industry. This project continues the efforts made in the RENEHEMA(More)
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