Mariana Barrios

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This study describes micro-methods to determine biological parameters in plasma of three strains of mice. Platelet count was significantly different among strains. C57BL/6 mice showed the highest values (988 x 10(3)/microL) and BALB/c the lowest (782 x 10(3)/microL). Fibrinogen levels were 2.55 (C57BL/6), 2.37 (BALB/c) and 2.28 g/L (C3H/He). Some(More)
The release of somatostatin (somatostatin-like immunoreactivity) from hippocampal slices during the development of hippocampal kindling in rats was measured under resting and depolarizing conditions. Preliminary experiments in naive rats showed that the spontaneous efflux of somatostatin (4.0 +/- 0.3 fmol/ml every 10 min) was independent of external Ca2+(More)
Activity of cyclic nucleotide-dependent protein kinase was investigated in flagellar plasma membranes of sea urchin sperm (S. purpuratus). Membranes incubated with [gamma-32P]ATP showed in the presence of 1 microM cAMP an increased phosphorylation in multiple polypeptides. Half maximal response was seen at 0.6 microM of cAMP. In contrast, higher(More)
INTRODUCTION Contact with the caterpillar of Lonomia achelous causes a hemorrhagic syndrome in humans prompted by two processes, an initial mild DIC that is later masked by overwhelming fibrinolytic activity. Although the venom affects both the hemostatic and inflammatory systems separately, it is not clear whether the hematological and hemostatic(More)
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