Mariana Andrade Rojas

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Service Digitization is a key means by which organizations derive value from their IT investments. We theorize that Service Digitization consists of two underlying dimensions – Extent of Digitization (EoD) and Range of Digitization (RoD), which present a trade-off scenario for a resource-constrained firm. We examine the firm performance implications of EoD(More)
Micro-outsourcing is the process of sourcing work to smaller firms or individuals using online sites. Several websites provide a platform to match clients and vendors for sourcing jobs. A typical issue with micro-sourcing is information asymmetry regarding the actual expertise of vendors. Online platforms bridge this gap using vendors' prior histories and(More)
To thrive in the current embedded and electronic competitive environment, organizations must achieve advantageous positions within their networks of competition. We strengthen the understanding of the genesis of network structures by examining the IT-enabled capabilities and internal resource endowment that determine an advantageous position in competition(More)
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