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[1] Comparisons of Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer (TES) water vapor retrievals with in situ measurements are presented. Global comparisons of TES water vapor retrievals with nighttime National Centers for Environmental Prediction RS90/RS92 radiosondes show a small (<5%) moist bias in TES retrievals in the lower troposphere (standard deviation of $20%),(More)
The effect of the angle of incidence on the radiative heat load was determined for light and dark plumage. As the angle of incidence to the solar radiation source increases the difference in heat transfer between light and dark plumage disappears. Thus, by postural adjustment, a dark bird may become thermally white with regard to the radiative heat load.
Monitoring of the content of free acrylonitrile in plastics used for the preparation of viands is necessary due to its negative effect on human health. A content of 20 ppb is the maximal value of free acrylonitrile in such samples. In this case, head-space gas chromatography is most favourable analytical method when combined with the standard addition(More)
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