Mariana A. Giannotti

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This paper discusses the use of spatial data for risk and natural disaster management. The importance of remote-sensing (RS), Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data is stressed by comparing studies of the use of these technologies for natural disaster management. Spatial data sharing is discussed in the(More)
Non-motorized transportation modes, especially cycling and walking, offer numerous benefits, including improvements in the livability of cities, healthy physical activity, efficient urban transportation systems, less traffic congestion, less noise pollution, clean air, less impact on climate change and decreases in the incidence of diseases related to(More)
The performance of image classification usually depends on the quality of labelled datasets to be used as training samples. In the context of remote sensing, the acquisition of ground-truth data can be a difficult and expensive task because it depends on the comprehensive surveys over the area of interest while the labelling task must be performed by(More)
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