Marian Zembala

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BACKGROUND Previous studies have shown disappointing results for immunosuppressive treatment in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy. Therefore, we studied the effectiveness of such therapy in patients with HLA upregulation on biopsy. METHODS AND RESULTS Of 202 patients with dilated cardiomyopathy, 84 patients with increased HLA expression were randomized(More)
Alec Vahanian, Ottavio Alfieri, Felicita Andreotti, Manuel J. Antunes, Gonzalo Barón-Esquivias, Helmut Baumgartner, Michael Andrew Borger, Thierry P. Carrel, Michele De Bonis, Arturo Evangelista, Volkmar Falk, Bernard Iung, Patrizio Lancellotti, Luc Pierard, Susanna Price, Hans-Joachim Schäfers, Gerhard Schuler, Janina Stepinska, Karl Swedberg, Johanna(More)
Authors/Task Force Members, Alec Vahanian (Chairperson) (France)*, Ottavio Alfieri (Chairperson)* (Italy), Felicita Andreotti (Italy), Manuel J. Antunes (Portugal), Gonzalo Barón-Esquivias (Spain), Helmut Baumgartner (Germany), Michael Andrew Borger (Germany), Thierry P. Carrel (Switzerland), Michele De Bonis (Italy), Arturo Evangelista (Spain), Volkmar(More)
Transcatheter closure of single secundum atrial defects has become the standard of treatment. The purpose of our study was to analyze the results of using a single Amplatzer device for closure of double atrial septal defects. Such defects were diagnosed in 41 out of 363 patients with atrial septal defects (ASDs) closed by transcatheter method. In 39, a(More)
Oral antiplatelet drugs are a cornerstone of modern pharmacotherapy in cardiovascular atherothrombotic diseases. The efficacy of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA, aspirin) and clopidogrel in decreasing the risk of adverse events in coronary heart disease patients has been well established in the past 20 years. Despite chronic oral antiplatelet therapy, a number of(More)
This study evaluated the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of statin therapy in patients with heart failure secondary to inflammatory dilated cardiomyopathy and moderately elevated low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels. Seventy-four patients were randomized to receive atorvastatin 40 mg/day or conventional treatment for heart failure. After 6 months(More)
BACKGROUND Prognoses in STEMI and NSTEMI beyond one year from onset remain unclear. We aimed to compare the treatments and the two-year outcomes in patients with myocardial infarction (MI) enrolled at the Polish Registry of Acute Coronary Syndromes (PL-ACS). METHODS A total of 13,441 patients with MI (8250 with STEMI, and 5191 with NSTEMI) underwent(More)
BACKGROUND Application of a tissue-engineered vascular graft for small-diameter vascular reconstruction has been a long awaited and much anticipated advance for vascular surgery. We report results after a minimum of 6 months of follow-up for the first ten patients implanted with a completely biological and autologous tissue-engineered vascular graft. (More)
OBJECTIVE To establish what is the prevalence of elevated HbA1c among diabetic patients scheduled for coronary surgery and whether this may influence their postoperative outcome. METHODS We performed a retrospective review of our departmental cardiac surgical database over a 3-year period (2006-2008). Among the 2665 patients, who underwent coronary(More)