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Intensive broiler (meat) chicken production now exceeds 800 million birds each year in the United Kingdom and 2 x 10(10) birds worldwide, but it attracts accusations of poor welfare. The European Union is currently adopting standards for broilers aimed at a chief welfare concern--namely, overcrowding--by limiting maximum 'stocking density' (bird weight per(More)
Here, I provide a guide for those new to the burgeoning field of animal welfare science as to what this comprehensive, relatively young discipline is all about. Drawing on all branches of biology, including behavioural ecology and neuroscience, the science of animal welfare asks three big questions: Are animals conscious? How can we assess good and bad(More)
Animal welfare is a topic often thought to reside outside mainstream biology. The complexity of the methods used to assess welfare (such as health, physiology, immunological state, and behavior) require an understanding of a wide range of biological phenomena. Furthermore, the "welfare" of an animal provides a framework in which a diversity of its responses(More)
A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy This thesis presents one possible way to design a control architecture that can be used to govern artiicial animals. Such artefacts perform multiple-tasks and are expected to exist in a somewhat hostile environment { they have to be adaptive. It also defends the position that automata, and animals,(More)
Animal communication is studied both by neurobiologists and by evolutionary biologists, but in very different ways. The purpose of this article is to show how both groups could benefit from a greater appreciation of each other's approach. Evolutionary biologists should take more account of the role played by the sensory systems and brains of receivers in(More)
Four 18-week-old Ross Brown laying hens were trained to discriminate between slides of the heads of familiar or unfamiliar conspecifics. Those individuals trained to discriminate between slides of familiar conspecifics failed to show a better discrimination ability when presented with slides of novel views of these object birds, as compared with subjects(More)