Marian Schmidt

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Objective: Many survivors of critical illness and intensive care unit (ICU) treatment have traumatic memories such as nightmares, panic or pain which can be associated with the development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In order to simplify the rapid and early detection of PTSD in such patients, we modified an existing questionnaire for diagnosis(More)
Eight malingerers (MPs) were identified via significantly below-chance symptom validity testing (SVT) within a sample of 106 consecutive admissions for neuropsychological evaluation. The resulting incidence of 7.5% is seen as a minimal estimate of malingering within the sample. Eight individuals who "passed" SVT but produced neuropsychological data of(More)
Twelve measures commonly used to assess attentional processes were examined in a sample of 120 outpatients referred for neuropsychological evaluation. A single factor solution emerged. A second analysis partially replicated factors derived by Shum. McFarland, Bain, and Humphreys (1990). Classification rates (impaired vs. unimpaired) for the measures are(More)
A group of 24-month-old preterm toddlers (n = 27) were subdivided into three groups according to their early specific medical complications [i.e., respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), without intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH), IVH (Grades I and II), and IVH (Grades III and IV]) and were matched to a group of full-term toddlers (n = 10) on socioeconomic(More)
  • Universität Konstanz, Fachbereich Politik-Und Verwaltungswissenschaft, +4 authors Zusammenfassung
  • 2010
This thesis investigates the relationship between health care financing systems and cross-national health outcomes. For this purpose, health care financing systems are defined along three dimensions: a) total expenditures on health, b) public-private mix, and c) tax-financing vs. social insurance contributions. Based on various theoretical foundations, it(More)
A six-week enriched sensorimotor, communication, and recreational summer day camp for twenty multihandicapped preschool children is described. The program, planned and supervised by therapists and mental retardation counselors, provided training for students who worked as camp counselors. Each counselor was assigned to work with one child and family and(More)
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