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Use of Urografin and Conray for the equilibrium centrifugation of viruses is described. These pharmaceuticals, which consist of iodinated arylic compounds, reach densities of 1.6 g/cm3 and have low intrinsic viscosities. Poliovirus, Newcastle disease virus, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus were centrifuged to equilibrium in gradients made of these(More)
Implant-associated infections are a major cause of morbidity and mortality. This study was performed using titanium samples coated by anodization with a titanium dioxide (TiO2) shielded nanotube layer. TiO2/Ti surface was modified by simple immersion in torularhodin solution and by using a mussel-inspired method based on polydopamine as bio adhesive for(More)
 In this paper, we develop a novel method based on machine-learning and image processing to identify North Atlantic right whale (NARW) upcalls in the presence of high levels of ambient and interfering noise. We apply a continuous region algorithm on the spectrogram to extract the regions of interest, and then use grid masking techniques to generate a small(More)
 The following work outlines an approach for automatic detection and recognition of periodic pulse train signals using a multi-stage process based on spectrogram edge detection, energy projection and classification. The method has been implemented to automatically detect and recognize pulse train songs of minke whales. While the long term goal of this work(More)
This paper presents a new software model designed for distributed sonic signal detection runtime using machine learning algorithms called DeLMA. A new algorithm--Acoustic Data-mining Accelerator (ADA)--is also presented. ADA is a robust yet scalable solution for efficiently processing big sound archives using distributing computing technologies. Together,(More)
 In this paper, we propose a method to improve sound classification performance by combining signal features, derived from the time-frequency spectrogram, with human perception. The method presented herein exploits an artificial neural network (ANN) and learns the signal features based on the human perception knowledge. The proposed method is applied to a(More)
Recent progress in patterned microelectrode manufacturing technology and microfluidics has opened the way to a large variety of cellular and molecular biosensor-based applications. In this extremely diverse and rapidly expanding landscape, silicon-based technologies occupy a special position, given their statute of mature, consolidated, and highly(More)
The problem of microorganisms attaching and proliferating on implants and medical devices surfaces is still attracting interest in developing research on different coatings based on antibacterial agents. The aim of this work is centered on modifying titanium (Ti) based implants surfaces through incorporation of a natural compound with antimicrobial effect,(More)
A controller is the most important part of an automatic control system. Its main purpose is to receive the signals from a transmitter and to compare it with a reference value. Depending on the error the controller sends a control signal to an actuator, so that the controlled variable to be equal with the reference value. The most used algorithm by a(More)
Recent studies on air pollution emphasized particulate matter impact on human health and climate changes. This impact generated a trend for developing research projects which deal with monitoring and forecasting air quality. This paper fits into this trend and presents an ANFIS (adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system) modelling approach to predict(More)