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Knowledge acquisition often requires the assessment of qualitative stimuli (e.g., criteria or priorities) such as public safety or the degree of environmental damage. Weights, reflecting the relative importance of the objectives concerned are one of the most commonly used solutions for this kind of data. Subjective judgments involve inaccuracy (which is(More)
Proteasome inhibition is a validated strategy for therapy of multiple myeloma, but this disease remains challenging as relapses are common, and often associated with increasing chemoresistance. Moreover, nonspecific proteasome inhibitors such as bortezomib can induce peripheral neuropathy and other toxicities that may compromise the ability to deliver(More)
This paper shows how to manage null entries in pairwise comparisons matrices. Although assessments can be imprecise, since subjective criteria are involved, the classical pairwise comparisons theory expects all of them to be available. In practice, some experts may not be able (or available) to provide all assessments. Therefore managing null entries is a(More)
Jaw1 is an endoplasmic reticulum (ER) resident protein representative of a class of proteins post translationally inserted into membranes via a type II membrane anchor (cytosolic NH2 domain, lumenal COOH domain) in a translocon-independent manner. We found that Jaw1 can efficiently deliver a COOH-terminal antigenic peptide to class I molecules in(More)
The algorithm for finding the optimal consistent approximation of an inconsistent pairwise comaprisons matrix is based on a logarithmic transformation of a pairwise comparisons matrix into a vector space with the Euclidean metric. Orthogonal basis is introduced in the vector space. The orthogonal projection of the transformed matrix onto the space formed by(More)
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