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If in the past, the success of innovation was measured primarily in the economic sphere, recently the non-economic sphere has increasingly become more of a matter of corporate management and, therefore, of innovation management. Management’s acquisition of non-economic aspects has been strongly influenced by the vision of sustainable development.(More)
The paper discusses some communication problems that occur under ergonomists, designers and design tools. A project of a platform of ergonomically knowledge is brought out. Present computer aided ergonomics concentrates on analysis and evaluation in the later design stage. The technology of computer aided ergonomics for the full life cycle of the industrial(More)
Two cases of subdural catheter placement following continuous spinal and continuous epidural anaesthesia are presented. In the first, despite an easy reflux of clear cerebrospinal fluid through the catheter, the injection of 4 ml bupivacaine 0.5 per cent with epinephrine 1:200,000 followed by 3 ml tetracaine 0.5 per cent showed a failure of spinal(More)
Sustainable development (SD) requires companies to take into account both the social and environmental consequences within their activities. This paper presents research about green supply chain management and highlight the differences between green supply chain and traditional supply chain management. Then, the paper analyses the sources of the risk in(More)
Finding new ways for traveling at a high commercial speed, comfortable, safe, cheap and preserving as much as possible the environment by using less fuel is the new challenge for the public transport operators that run their business in the 21st century. One of the alternatives for the passengers that are using public transportation vehicles is to travel(More)
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