Marian Micu

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Credit rating agencies make multiple announcements, some of which are intended to reflect the latest information available about a firm and others of which are intended to provide a stable signal of credit quality. Using data on CDS spreads, we examine which of these different types of rating announcements contains pricingrelevant information. We find that(More)
The paper focuses on controlled switching for the circuit breaker of a shunt reactor. Controlled switching is a modern technique used for the adjustments of the transient stress witch appear at the switching process. This paper presents the controlled switching and perspectives according to recent theoretical and technological aspects. Also, it is presented(More)
In view of detecting the influence of L-asparaginase on blood and spleen blood globulins, 42 rabbits were daily injected for three weeks with different doses of this drug. Electrophoretic analysis of blood and spleen blood samples from these animals showed no relationship between the doses used and the changes of circulating blood globulins indicating the(More)
Serum myoglobin (Mgl) level was studied by the method of passive hemagglutination inhibition in 128 patients of whom 65 with acute myocardial infarction, 27 with unstable angina and 36 with various diseases as well as in 197 apparently normal subjects. The immunologic determination of serum myoglobin by the passive hemagglutination inhibition reaction was(More)
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