Marian L Baxter

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Lower limb and lower back injuries are prevalent within the New Zealand (NZ) Army: independently collected data shows these to be most prevalent, with on average 10% of military personnel affected by such an injury at any time. To improve the quality and appropriateness of footwear, it is essential that normative foot anthropometric data is collected from(More)
INTRODUCTION Cancer is a challenging disease to diagnose and treat, and oftentimes even with the best medical intervention, it spreads and is deemed incurable, requiring a shift from cure to end-of-life care. This study used a spirituality measure and the PATS© storytelling intervention developed by the principal investigator to better understand the(More)
At any one time, 10% of personnel within the New Zealand Army are affected by injuries caused by inadequate footwear. The purpose of this study was to assess the feasibility of addressing this problem by orthotic issue on the basis of a novel screening protocol. A total of 909 military personnel were included in this study. Data were collected over 3(More)
and all the participants in the macroeconomic seminar at Tel-Aviv University, for their helpful comments. The Israeli economy business cycle properties are different from those of most OECD countries in four main dimensions (see, Table 1). First, aggregate consumption is twenty percent more volatile than output. Second, the trade balance is much more(More)
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