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The diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis, except in cases characterised by pathognomonic clinical manifestation, usually requires confirmation by means of microbiological diagnostic assay, mainly by antibody detection methods. In our study antibodies to B. burgdorferi were tested in neurological patients with suspected Lyme borreliosis, depending on syndrome and(More)
OBJECTIVES Developmental cerebral dysplasias are frequent causes of epilepsy. The early stage of gestation, mainly the period of neural crest separation and neuroblast migration (disturbance of midline structures, heterotopias, cortical dysplasias and disturbance of the ventricular and vascular formation), may be considered as a cause of serious cerebral(More)
The aim of the work was to analyze circulatory, rheological, electrophysiological and psychological characteristics of patients with vascular headache, mostly migraine and vasomotor cephalea. The group was formed by 69 patients, mean age 40.4 +/- 9.0 years. It was revealed that: 1. there were no significant changes in rheological properties of blood in the(More)
Peripheral neuropathy was induced by the long-term administration of organo-phosphorus compounds (phtalimid/phosmet) in quails (Coturnix coturnix japponica). After 4 weeks, the first symptoms of organophosphorus (OPC) poisoning (apathy, diarrhea) were present. During the second month of a daily administration of the toxic substance using the probe, an(More)