Marian J Parker

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The teachers' self-efficacy, both personal and general, has a profound effect on students' learning. This study investigated the influence on education students' perceptions of their experience as teaching interns of Personal Teaching Efficacy and General Teaching Efficacy. The participants were 196 undergraduates and graduate students who were preparing(More)
Use of adventure as an intervention in traditional counseling was explored with 84 adolescent clients from two community-based counseling agencies and residents from two boys' homes. The adolescents were assigned to conditions of counseling plus adventure experiences, counseling only, adventure only, or a control. Analysis indicated limited support for(More)
The high rate of attrition in introductory psychology courses at community colleges has led some institutions to require an introductory English course, focusing on reading and writing, as a prerequisite. The primary objective of this research was to assess whether successfully completing the introductory English course had any relation to successful(More)
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