Marian Haesner

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The cohesive strength of microbial biofilms cultivated on a rotating disc has been measured using fluid dynamic gauging (FDG). The thickness of heterotrophic mixed culture biofilms was found to depend on substrate concentration and shear force at the biofilm surface during the cultivation. For high substrate concentrations and low shear forces the biofilm(More)
In a retrospective study of 116 patients with acute renal failure treated by hemodialysis the prognostic value of various clinical data was evaluated by discriminant analysis. With a letality of 73.6% the patient survival was dependent on the frequency of associated organ disorders. The following order was prognostical important: respiratory insufficiency,(More)
In this work, a three-dimensional model of fluid-structure interactions (FSI) in biofilm systems is developed in order to simulate biofilm detachment as a result of mechanical processes. Therein, fluid flow past the biofilm surface results in a mechanical load on the structure which in turn causes internal stresses in the biofilm matrix. When the strength(More)
Since 1976 200 patients with multiple skeletal metastases from prostatic cancer were treated with 89Sr. In the present study the results were evaluated in order to confirm the efficacy of this therapy. Following the application of 3 injections each of 0 (n = 21), 37 (n = 65), 75 (n = 72), 100 (n = 25) or 150 (n = 17) MBq 89Sr subjective pain relief,(More)
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