Marian E. Betz

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We agree with Drs. La Regina and del Prato that problems in medicine can be approached from a variety of perspectives , although some basic directions should be shared by physicians working in different fields. There is no doubt that arterial hypertension is today a diagnosis that rarely leads to hospitalisation. There are however occasions char-acterised(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine what effect driving cessation may have on subsequent health and well-being in older adults. DESIGN Systematic review of the evidence in the research literature on the consequences of driving cessation in older adults. SETTING Community. PARTICIPANTS Drivers aged 55 and older. MEASUREMENTS Studies pertinent to the health(More)
BACKGROUND Driving self-restriction is a well-documented among older drivers but might also occur among younger drivers. Little is known about the driving patterns of emergency department (ED) patients, who may be a high-risk population for motor vehicle crashes (MVCs). We sought to compare the driving patterns and MVCs of younger and older adult ED(More)
INTRODUCTION To describe the epidemiology and characteristics of emergency department (ED) visits by older adults for motor vehicle collisions (MVC) in the United States (U.S.). METHODS We analyzed ED visits for MVCs using data from the 2003-2007 National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NHAMCS). Using U.S. Census data, we calculated annual(More)
December 2015 saw another Congressional budget standoff and threatened government shutdown. This omnibus bill was particularly important for public health, because – for the first time in years – it contained language that would have reversed a 19-year-old prohibition on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funding for research on firearm(More)
Background. Given high rates of gun ownership among older adults, geriatric providers can assess firearm safety practices using a "5 Ls" approach: Locked; Loaded; Little children; feeling Low; and Learned owner. This study describes gun access and the "5 Ls" among US older adults. Methods. Data on the "5 Ls" from the Second Injury Control and Risk Survey(More)
OBJECTIVE The study examined changes in self-reported attitudes and practices related to suicide risk assessment among providers at emergency departments (EDs) during a three-phase quasi-experimental trial involving implementation of ED protocols for suicidal patients. METHODS A total of 1,289 of 1,828 (71% response rate) eligible providers at eight EDs(More)
BACKGROUND With many information sources for healthy aging and life transitions, it is unknown whether community-dwelling older adults desire physician involvement in future planning decisions. The study aimed to examine older adults' experiences and opinions concerning four future planning domains: advance care planning, driving, finances, and housing. (More)
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