Marian Counihan

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PURPOSE This study evaluated the relationship of dose, plasma concentration, and time to the pharmacodynamics of zaleplon and zolpidem, 2 structurally distinct benzodiazepine receptor agonists. METHOD Ten healthy male volunteers received single oral doses of placebo, 10 mg zaleplon, 20 mg zaleplon, 10 mg zolpidem, and 20 mg zolpidem in a double-blind,(More)
BACKGROUND Human parainfluenza viruses 1 through 3 (HPIV-1-3) are important causes of respiratory tract infections in young children. This study sought to provide current estimates of HPIV-1-3-associated hospitalizations among US children. METHODS Hospitalizations for bronchiolitis, bronchitis, croup and pneumonia among children age <5 years were(More)
BACKGROUND Kinetic and dynamic consequences of metabolic inhibition were evaluated in a study of the interaction of ketoconazole, a P4503A inhibitor, with alprazolam and triazolam, two 3A substrate drugs with different kinetic profiles. METHODS In a double-blind, 5-way crossover study, healthy volunteers received (A) ketoconazole placebo plus 1.0 mg(More)
BACKGROUND Azole antifungal agents may impair hepatic clearance of drugs metabolized by cytochrome P450-3A isoforms. The imidazopyridine hypnotic agent zolpidem is metabolized in humans in part by P450-3A, as well as by a number of other cytochromes. Potential interactions of zolpidem with 3 commonly prescribed azole derivatives were evaluated in a(More)
Lumbar artery pseudoaneurysms are infrequent complications of penetrating trauma. When present, they are often accompanied by other injuries; however, we report the case of an isolated traumatic lumbar artery aneurysm resulting from a single knife stab. The lesion was successfully treated with endovascular microcoil embolization. While these injuries are(More)
(1) Experimentswith reasoning tasks, such as the famousWason selection task (Wason 1968), show that logical form is not a determinant of reasoning (2) Logic cannot deal with vagueness and prototypicality (3) Logic cannot deal with uncertainty and must be replaced by probability theory, which is after all the calculus of uncertainty (4) What we know about(More)
The problem: the role of nonmonotonicity in cognition. The proposed programme investigates the interplay between language, reasoning and cognition, with particular emphasis on the role of nonmonotonicity. This phenomenon can be illustrated by the following example. When presented with the premisses (1) 'If Fred has to write an essay, he is in the library',(More)
BACKGROUND Macrolide antimicrobial agents may impair hepatic clearance of drugs metabolized by cytochrome P4503A isoforms. Potential interactions of triazolam, a substrate metabolized almost entirely by cytochrome P4503A in humans, with 3 commonly prescribed macrolides were identified using an in vitro metabolic model. The actual interactions, and their(More)